Text is the framework through which we understand the world, and one another. It is the technology of knowledge, of discourse and divulgence, of relation and discernment; The jigsaw puzzle with which we construct our truth.

Providentia explores the malleability of language and the ways in which it gives voice to intangible, ephemeral postulations. It examines the materiality of the written word, and the distinctions and parallels that reveal themselves in the voices of the 13 female and non-binary artists exhibiting.

Alexandra Martin
Holly Cuthbertson
Jen Mathews
Lindsay Bottos
Mary Letain
Rebecca Hlodik
Romii Fulton-Smith
Samantha Axiak
Siena Hart
Tilda Mcintosh
Tully Boundy-Collis
Violet Sometimes

Providentia I took place at the Paddington Substation HOA Gallery (Brisbane, Australia) April 6th 2017.

Proceeds from sales of the accompanying publication will go towards Women’s House, a shelter and sexual assault survivors support centre that facilitates legal, educational, and counselling services for women.


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